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The Movement for Tomorrow's Local Government, Today

Focus on Community Outcomes

Align Resources with Community Needs

Build Collaboration and Partnership

Earn Trust through Accountability

Begin and End with Data

Attract and Unleash Great Talent

Focus on Community Outcomes

Align Resources with Community Needs

Build Collaboration and Partnership

Earn Trust through Accountability

Begin and End with Data

Attract and Unleash Great Talent

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Learn by Month

During this video webinar, you will hear a discussion on the broad impacts emerging technologies will have and continue to have on our communities and discuss the role of local government in these conversations.


As City Halls and County Offices begin to slowly re-open, the crippling impact of this pandemic on our local economies is waiting inside to greet us. As we all “rush to treatment”, this webinar series provides some diagnostic tips, techniques and tools that were successful in combating the impacts of the Great Recession and are perhaps even more applicable as we face today’s fiscal crisis.

Learn about Durham County's youth STEM program the Bionomic Educational Training Center.

From report cards to online data visualization. You can make in-house dashboards work for your organization learn how in this video webinar.

What GRC Software is available in managing PCI, CIJS, and HIPAA compliance?

I’m currently working on a research project for City Council on cities/counties/special districts/states that are using a racial equity instrument in their budgeting process.

Watch this video workshop with AFI and Paul Mackie, Director of Research and Communications with the Arlington County, Virginia Mobility Lab and Randall Rutsch, Senior Transportation Planner with the City of Boulder, Colorado for a review of their cutting edge, but impactful transportation strategies.

Learn about Campus West Connections, a community-oriented policing concept that connects the community to organizations and services to increase the quality of life for community members in this video webinar.

Hear from 2020 Innovation Award winners City of Virginia Beach and Village of Bayside as they share how they are working to improve the relationship between law enforcement and their communities in this video webinar.

Cities must empower, engage, encourage residents to withstand crisis.

Beyond the Org Chart: Mapping the Ties that Bind the Workplace

AFI and the City of Bloomington, MN share how ties and networks can strengthen organizations in this video workshop.


Do you need to be innovative to be a great leader? What about consistent? Or, loyal? For Decatur, Georgia City Manager Peggy Merriss, those have been the benchmarks for her career, amongst others. Learn about what it takes to be an innovative city manager in this video presentation.

Transforming Local Government Conference 2020

At TLG we seek out the trailblazers and entrepreneurs and unleash their super-powers.

We shine the spotlight where it has never been before but should have been long ago.


Our countdown to the 2020 event has ended! Stay tuned for information about our next event!

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